A Proven Roadmap for Raising Confident, Creative, Compassionate Kids
by Nancy Carlsson-Paige

Based on early childhood development expert Dr. Nancy Carlsson-Paige’s thirty years of researching and writing about young children, this groundbreaking book helps parents navigate the social currents shaping, and too often harming, the lives of kids today—and restore childhood to the very best of what it can and should be.

There are three attributes critical to all children’s healthy development, Carlsson-Paige explains:  time and space for creative play, a feeling of security in today’s often frightening world, and strong, meaningful relationships with both adults and other children—attributes that we, as a society, are failing to protect and nurture.  Grounded in child development theory and research, TAKING BACK CHILDHOOD reveals practical, hands-on steps parents can take to create a safe, open, and imaginative environment in which kids can relish childhood and flourish as human beings.

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War Play Dilemma: Balancing Needs and Values in the Early Childhood Classroom
2nd Edition

by Diane E. Levin and Nancy Carlsson-Paige

As violence in the media and media-linked toys increases, parents and teachers are also seeing an increase in children’s war play. The authors have revised this popular text to provide more practical guidance for working with children to promote creative play, and for positively influencing the lessons about violence children are learning.

Using a developmental and sociopolitical viewpoint, the authors examine five possible strategies for resolving the war play dilemma and show which best satisfy both points of view: banning war play; taking a laissez-faire approach; allowing war play with specified limits; actively facilitating war play; and limiting war play while providing alternative ways to work on the issues.

New for the Second Edition:

  • More anecdotal material about adults’ and children’s experiences with war play, including examples from both home and school settings.
  • Greater emphasis on the impact of media and commercialization on children’s war play, including recent trends in media, programming, marketing, and war toys.
  • Expanded discussion about the importance of the distinction between imitative and creative war play.
  • Summary boxes of key points directed at teachers or parents.
  • New information about violent video games, media cross feeding, and gender development and sex-role stereotyping.
  • A more extensive list of resources and further reading for adults and children.

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Who's Calling the Shots?: How to Respond Effectively to Children's Fascination With War Play and War Toys
by Nancy Carlsson-Paige and Diane E. Levin

Children's war play: the issue for parents is no longer as simple as love it or leave it. Nancy Carlsson-Paige and Diane Levin explain the parallel changes in society and children's war play that make a yes or no decision impossible. Children have less control over war play than ever before. Combine high-tech war toys with an increasingly violent attitude in society and in the media, and we get an explosive mix that must be dealt with diplomatically instead of disallowed as forbidden fruit or shrugged off as "natural." The authors discuss several strategies to return creative control of play to children and to lessen the emphasis on violent content.

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Before Push Comes to Shove: Building Conflict Resolution Skills With Children
by Nancy Carlsson-Paige and Diane E. Levin

"I highly recommend Best Day of the Week and Before Push Comes to Shove as powerful resources for early childhood and primary educators. I especially appreciate the authors integration of principles from anti-bias education and the user-friendly yet profound explanations, guidelines, and examples."
Louise Derman-Sparks, Author of Anti-Bias Curriculum

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Best Day of the Week
by Nancy Carlsson-Paige

For Calvin and Angela, trash day is the best day of the week to find great playtime items. But when they end up in a conflict situation that results in anger and put-downs, they find themselves searching for a way to communicate and arrive at a solution that makes both of them happy. Best Day of the Week has colorful illustrations and a child-friendly story. Children will engage in the story with childhood themes. Nancy Carlsson-Paige and Diane Levins companion book Before Push Comes to Shove offers adults more strategies and methods of teaching children conflict resolution skills.

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Helping Young Children Understand Peace, War, and the Nuclear Threat
by Nancy Carlsson-Paige and Diane E. Levin

Children today can not sit and watch TV for more than 1/2 hour - before the newsflashes from the televised wars is on the screen. Most children have a defense mechanism here - and teachers tend to rely on this. As Carlsson-Paige and Levin points out - this does not mean that the child is untouched! The book privides you with a set of ways to respond to and deal with this difficult issue.

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