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"Taking Back Childhood brims with practical advice for the challenges parents face today. Nancy Carlsson-Paige speaks with emotional wisdom."
Daniel Goleman
author of Emotional Intelligence

"If you are like most parents, you're worried about the new realities of childhood--violence, sexualization, the speed-up of daily life, materialism--topics which are not adequately covered in the classic parenting guides. How much TV? What to do when a child is disrespectful? What's causing the tantrums or excessive anxiety? Nancy Carlsson-Paige's brilliant new book shows parents how to navigate the treacherous waters of our culture, and our children's reactions to it. Based on decades of research, teaching, and practice in the philosophy of child-development, she returns us to the basic needs of creativity, security, and connection. As you read it, I suspect it will not only profoundly affect how you parent, but also how you live your own life. Taking Back Childhood deserves to take its place among the classics, read and re-read by parents everywhere."
Juliet B. Schor
author of Born to Buy,
and professor of sociology
at Boston College